Types of Survey's
Plat of Survey - Resurvey of an existing lot.  Find and set new monumentation for lot lines.  Locate any permanent structures. Show encroachments onto property from adjoing lots.

Certified Survey Map (CSM) - Create 1-4 lots from an existing lot.  Subject to local municipal ordinances, reviews and government review fees.

Subdivision - Create 5 or more lots for commercial, industrial and/or residential purposes.

Condominium Plats - Layout and site design of condominiums.

ALTA/NSPS Survey - American Land Title Association survey.  Typically provided for a sale or refinance of a Commercial or Industrial site.  Boundary, Easements and existing structures.  May include a Topographic Survey also.

Flood Plain Survey - To determine if lands or structures fall within the 100 year flood plain. 
     Also Certificate of Elevation for insurance or mortgage purposes.

Construction Survey - Layout for horizontal and vertical location of proposed structures.  Such as buildings, utilities, roads, etc ...

Topographic Survey - Locating structures and lands for horizontal and vertical locations to provide elevations and contours.

Cell Tower Surveys -  
•FAA 2C and 1A Certifications 
•Tower As-Built Surveys 
•Site Construction Staking 
•Tower Height Certifications 
•Lease Area Expansions 
•Cell Tower ALTA Surveys 

Road Right-of-Way Plats

Easement and Legal Descriptions
Legal descriptions for deeds or creating easements.

Erosion Control and Drainage plans - Site design for erosion control and building layout.  Typically for new home building or building a new structure such as a garage on a lot.
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All survey's, with the exception of construction survey's, are mapped and recorded at the County in which the site is located for permanent record and become legal documents.
Above is an ALTA/ASCM Survey.
Below is a Subdivision Plat and a Plat of Survey.
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